Subsurface Utility Engineering

Underground utility infrastructures are becoming more and more congested and complex as they compete for limited space to accommodate ever increasing demands.  Consequently, safety as well as financial concerns have been raised as the exact vertical and horizontal locations of these utilities are needed for design and construction of new and existing facilities. 

Vacuum excavation is the perfect solution for exposing buried utilities in a non-destructive manner.

Bartek Construction's SUE services include creating test holes in designated locations, exposing the existing utilities and taking measurements to document their depth and location.  Grade elevations can also be obtained as an additional service.  These services are beneficial for utility providers, engineering firms and highway construction firms.

crew creating testhole


Vacmaster 4000


Air Excavation

Air vacuum excavators utilize a high velocity air stream to penetrate, expand and break-up soil. The loosened soil and rock are then removed from the hole through the use of a powerful vacuum. In this way a ‘test hole’ is created that reveals the buried utility.  Air excavation is ideal for most soil types.  It eliminates the need for mud disposal and allows for the spoil to be used immediately for backfill.

Water Excavation

Water vacuum excavation utilizes high-pressure water to reduce and loosen soil.  The wet soil and mud slurry is removed to a spoil tank using a powerful vacuum.  The higher density water produces powerful forces that are effective in most soils including heavy clay.

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